Hello, How are you! Thanks for dropping in. I am Owen! In here I will share food that I’ve tried and the recipe to recreate and to share my culinary journey!

I am new in blogging. I created this blog because I wanted to share my favorite recipe. During my school days I started to learn and love to cook. I just find it easy for me to cook anything but I didn’t take seriously that this kind of habit of mine will lead me now to the curiosity to learn more about culinary arts. Since last year on the last quarter I started to learn it on more scientific way of cooking and the right technique. The short course that I take up has developed  my skills and I learned a lot. Now I’m still on the process of learning because I know I still need to know more about culinary arts. And I love what I’m doing. I Hope you can learn something interesting in here or helpful for you. Have a good day. Thank you!